Calm down

Of course I do recommend nature to calm down. But even there it may be tricky. Very tricky. I saw humans on bikes with phones in their hands. I mean WTF?!!! Not only stupidity and total danger for others but … Continue reading


There is so many of them. Stories, which are talking about the sky falling, Sun, Moon touching the sky. There are even myths which bind them together still… do not let them be in fact close. Too close. Especially around … Continue reading


I get obsessed really easily. By light, plant, colors which suddenly appear in places where I was not expecting them. So easily. One of my obsession is this plant. Yes, it is a seasonal obsession, but very strong. Trust me… … Continue reading

We need it wild…

People are so scared of wild, of unknown, discovering… learning… that they wanna made everything of concrete and fake grass. Somehow plastic became much more friendly than woodlands. Oh yes, I know the whole ticks thing. Yes it can be … Continue reading


Yes… I live in a beautiful place. I fought for it! I am in fact fighting every day. Still. It has not cured my depression or anxiety, has not changed me into a peoples person. No way… In fact, I … Continue reading