The wall

The sun was setting, the city was still busy, but the wall… oh my, it was amazing. In fact created as an uneven, chunky wall, covered with almost mirrored like black. Tar maybe? Which easily with this light made it… … Continue reading


Maybe you are not like me… maybe you have a home in which you grew up and it is still somehow your perfect safe gateway… Maybe… I never had it. True home, so… I was always dreaming about one. For … Continue reading


So much is happening outside. Changes every time. But the problem are… humans. Unable to keep their shit together. Stop cutting, destroying, creating… just stop. Why humans can not stop and just wait, listen, watch? Suddenly a simple walk is … Continue reading

The Fog

Yes, it needed THE and FOG in the title because it was a weird phenomena. Very unusual, although fogs are not something uncommon here. Sometimes rare, sometimes more often… But to be honest, this one lasted for a week. And … Continue reading