Okay… I may be obsessed. A bit. A large one… but windows are such huge metaphor of everything. Of life, being, love, surfaces… They are stories about this what is in and out. scary and frightening, but also balancing everything … Continue reading


In fact… tulips. One of the most popular flowers in the gardens here around spring. Also, we do have one kind of yellow, smaller, softer and more fragile tulips which are wild and amazing… you can find them around fields, … Continue reading


Yaaaay! We have sunny weather again and warm weather and… Yaaay? Ney! Yeah. I am one of those working only around zero of Celsius. Sorry, yes such weirdos live on this planet too. Yup… we are very rare, but we … Continue reading


Blooming fruit trees. The most amazing part of spring. I mean really. Smell them, lie down under them and let those tiny petals fall on your face. On your body, your hair. Cover you, change you into a sleeping beauty. … Continue reading


Is it still most fancy of colors? Mustardy one? You know, a bit diarrhea like… I watched few vlogs to be fancy and cool, and suddenly heard that. So, I am still not fancy, but laughing a lot. I mean … Continue reading