Because why not. Because you should even MUST make others happy, not bring your sadness to them. Do not show off your feelings which are… Well, not smiley. Smile! Because girls look so much better with a smile. Because… And … Continue reading

Dirty window

Yes, it is my dirty window, or more like… … this was a very special art, recently cruelty removed by my husband, who needed some exercise. You know, running away from homework. LOL truly. Because here we are also closed … Continue reading


Okay, so I decided to create some merch, as kids say now… You know, that weird thing. And because of a bit of craziness created in fact two shops. Because why not. Right. Sooo… first one is my main one, … Continue reading

The line

The line, border… Part one, part two, and another… The line. Place between places. Sometimes fresh and totally visible and sometimes more like words hanging in the air. We create them, nature creates them and in fact they create themselves, … Continue reading

Get lazy

Get lazy! If you want to. It may work magic for you. Stop looking at all those possibilities. Finally sleep it over, everything. Eat… what you have, to be clear some of us do not have choice, sooo… Try being … Continue reading