Sooo yeah… Here everything is so arty. Okay, maybe not everywhere, not every part, though… If you blink, if you squint if… It can be magic. Somehow. And then… it is magic. Just because it is. Especially, when there is … Continue reading

Big art

Malmö. I mean really, if you ask me, very underestimated city. Yes, it has huge buildings and a shopping mall but also… Is full of art. And I am not only talking about little cottages, amazing parks and sculptures… awesome … Continue reading


I think that… okay, it is that 2020, year we will never forget, but… BUT… BUT! WTF?! September, already? Are you kidding me? I mean really… went for a week and suddenly it is September already? What is wrong with … Continue reading

On a beach

Oh yes, what I just heard… people can be really nasty when it comes to beaches, beach body, shaming, etc. Especially women to women. Especially… In this age of respecting everyone in every shape, color and diversity… in this age … Continue reading


Oh yes… we had to travel while this whole pandemic. And it was awful, overwhelming and somehow after weeks, closed at home… to be honest, wait, it is my normal life… being scared of people. Somehow so weird. Or freeing? … Continue reading

Sea pictures 2

It is like… They keep changing, they are so alive. I mean really. And all those shapes create most expressing images. In which everyone sees something different… If only… Stops for a moment. And feels them… maybe even speaks to … Continue reading

Sea pictures

When the sea got something above or under… It creates pictures. Perfect ones. Amazing and stunning, totally OOAK. Changing all the time… And sometimes… Freezing for a moment, so you can just look and look and look… And think… Rethink … Continue reading


And sometimes you can not even move. Physically and mentally. You just can not. Do not even think about future, past is too heavy sitting on your arms, surrounding your head like an evil, thick fog. Like something you never … Continue reading