I am tired… Tired of people talking. Tired of those who are too often silent… Tired of being right… Tired of the history repeating. Tired of people following whores and calling them saint, murders become martyrs, dumb asses being the … Continue reading


History is that weird thing which we all should learn and not repeat but… What as humanity we do… We repeat the mistakes and do not learn. We? YOU! Am I smarter than the whole Universe? Of course not… but … Continue reading


I have no idea how people can not see them, notice… Those perfections of nature. Finding it only dirty or usual or just trees and rocks, or… yeah, somehow it is different with beaches, right? When you ask someone about … Continue reading

And here…

Sometimes… Here every piece is special. Every piece is the best art ever. Naturally. Pieces growing from those parts of the woods which are called the past… Pieces eating the past to be today… Parts of nature, which are so … Continue reading

Between the trees 2

And they listen. And respond… Maybe sometimes I feel they are judgmental, never without a reason. Always screaming for help, always… Yeah, trees. I do know that there is now the whole movement of treehuggers, tree spirituals, etc. People who … Continue reading

End of May

How can it be… Already… End of May? I mean really, when it happened? Half of year gone? Half of such a sad one. But to be honest, still, it was spring. … spring… Time for rebirth, change… okay, not … Continue reading

I am

I am too far from everything recently. Somehow I do not want to be here and now… really be. I am desperately trying to find a place in my head which I haven’t visited in a while. Or maybe there … Continue reading