What if…

To be honest… when I change into black and white, shades of grey… especially here, sepia vibes, somehow everything… Especially here, everything is like in the old days. Only more trees. Yeah, there was a time we had only few … Continue reading


Sooo black and white or colors… Never understood it because how black and white is nowadays a very dangerous zone. Even if you just… Take photos. And nope, no humans. I use black/white for pointing something out… But colors like… … Continue reading

Malmö 6

And here is the city, the main shopping center in the time of pandemic… Remember in Sweden there was no lockdown. Still… People were careful. Not stupid at all… truly not as they are shown in media. Not wasting time… … Continue reading

Malmö 4

And… I mean those spring tulips, sunny day… Famous patch of flowers. And lovely sounds of water… And… Oh yeah. Arty fountain!!! To be honest I never got the fountains. Those from which you could drink were obvious, but fountains … Continue reading

Malmö 3

And then… Piece by piece, bit by bit, you let yourself just to look around. More closely. Zoom up. How often you notice how beautifully sewage doors are marked? How cool they are? Here in Gudhjem we have Gryffindoor on … Continue reading