Big art 2


Still those two walls, but now…

A girl by Natalia Rake. Check this page for more.


This one is so close to me, obsessed with books.

Not only because I was also born in Poland like the author of this piece.

I mean… really, this city rocks when it comes to art.

I am so coming back again…

Just because…

They also have shops with moose and polar bears, come on… this is life! Books, art and spirit animals.

Here is again… a piece I talked before, by Ola Kalnins: “I’ve always thought public art is extremely important, but more so today than ever. We are constantly surrounded by advertisements, and it is as if the public doesn’t own the public space. It’s great to have art in your apartment or home, but it is not something that should only be enjoyed by the elite. Having art and culture in the public makes it something we consciously or subconsciously share. People need to feel a connection to our public space in order to give our society a soul. The biggest benefit of public art is that it brings a city to life, and brings people together.”

They both are such an amazing combination of old and new, still perfectly creating together one story… of this world, this place, diversity…

Fullness and freedom.

And fairy tales… myths and legends.

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