Sea pictures 2

It is like…

They keep changing, they are so alive.

I mean really.

And all those shapes create most expressing images. In which everyone sees something different…

If only…

Stops for a moment.

And feels them… maybe even speaks to them.

Because this is art.

Art by nature, art by sea and boats, art… for free.

The sea is a museum… not only of human leftovers but also of… somehow another worlds. Another dimensions…

Hidden behind the veil.

Sooo… good. Not ready to pop out.

Knowing humanity too well.

For sure.

Knowing, but still… creating.


Because when you are an artist, you just have to create.

There is nothing to stop you. Truly nothing. Even if there is no paint, no stone, no wood, there is always something else.

When there is a need, there are tools. Not fancy, not expensive. Nope… you do not need them. All you need is… you.

You being able to notice more than others.

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