Windy days

When it is windy, truly windy, when my home sings when everything shakes and nothing is steady, my anxiety ups high.

Very high.

For sure some winds… although it really sounds corny, doesn’t it… are gifting. Blowing my mind with ideas, bringing good vibes, emotions which are cooling me, somehow sorting up my head but… those winds recently, which are a bit atypical… still, what is not so these days? Come on… noting is like in the old days when you knew, there will be rain after a hot day… when it smelled…


These winds we have now are masses of air hitting everything with anger. With so much destructive vibes in… or maybe only I feel them this way? Maybe it is my crazy, undefined mind? Maybe…

Who knows?

Like full moons those winds make me totally lost. Make me wanna stay under a table and pretend I do not exist. Make me…

… feel unwanted.

In this world… so I close in mine. Nobody else allowed!

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