Run away

I have spent most of my day in the woods.

Yeah, as it appears, this is a spot where you can hide when you live in a very popular touristic place… and I am shocked.


Why, you asked?


No idea.

To be honest, my island is usually described as this green place where you wanna peace, quiet, and all that zen. But surprisingly tourists decided to love the city, villages, all places with no trees, though with shops and restaurants.

I mean… why?

I am aware I do not get people at all.

Yes, I get it, so give me answers… why to choose busy city, maybe with colorful houses, still, crowded… and you normally live in the city, so why not the woodlands? Why not the wilderness? I saw beautiful stream today, calm, tired a bit maybe, a pond, trees, and ancient graves…

I saw and heard stories whispered by the green trees and those brown, in all shades of brown on the soil, and of course… by the humidity. I got bitten by a mosquito, yeah, come on, who was not, raise your hand! I was touching the truth which I recently find only in the forest… sadly.

Where were you?

There was lovely, chilling shade…

Where were you… was I the one who run away?

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