Art full of wall

Art full of wall, wall full of art. LOL


This piece appeared in Gudhjem months ago, but you know, I needed time… as always. Got too much to write about, and still, I feel I am missing something.


Well, first question. What do you think about wall art? Graffiti? Mural? Because I am into it if… yeah, IF… if it is placed in an area it is wanted.

And is not just an information about somebody’s private parts.


This pieces is for me, a piece of art. Amazing art… for sure created by at least two different artists, or in two ways…

Maybe it is for me a bit controversial why they chose those bits not others, but the rest… I love it.

It is such a colorful sparkle…

Bit magical, bit… not fully done, unfinished, but still, it is not a huge wall.

And why she? Okay, historically I get it, but…


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