History is that weird thing which we all should learn and not repeat but…

What as humanity we do…

We repeat the mistakes and do not learn.

We? YOU!

Am I smarter than the whole Universe? Of course not… but I noticed I do not think like you all, I do not listen others except those really old, who already are closer to the end… they carry wisdom.

And nature…

And yes, myself…

I look for signs soo… I have weird disability… I see no race, I see a story and I am scientifically eager to get it from someone looking amazingly. Beautiful… but I can not come to a person to ask for a story of their life because…

I am white?

I am crazy?

I am a woman?

You choose.

Yes, I do not understand this world. Everyone is holding whole wisdom in their phones and not using it. Doing things because… SOMEONE SAID SO. Why all of you do not think… just act? Do not breath between the words?

Do not notice beauty, prefer to destroy?

Stopped reading, learning, understanding that history is repeating and we can not burn books or statues only because someone was an ass, we got to keep them with a description in our minds and hearts: never again!!!

We got to… be more nature, because she gives us all answers… Did you know that some plants prefer to be alone so it is better not even to try to plant something next to a walnut tree… because it will be killed.

It is okay to want privacy. It is okay to be different, we all are. We are not the same! This is the whole fun!

Why… why you listen to the crowds?

Because it is safer?

Probably… possibly.

Safety is not freedom… Walls are not freedom. Trees are…

Learning is…  but remember, the history was written by those who won, so always dig deeper!!! Learn… do not waste your time.

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