Every time

What do you do always?

What you need every time?

What is such an essential of your life? And nope, I am not asking about BIG THINGS, IDEAS, ILLUSIONS…

Nope, not at all. I am asking about little things.

Maybe it is a ring, maybe something weird, you always need tea, coffee exactly in that cup, not in this other one… Maybe it is a cushion, part of wardrobe, bag, necklace? Ring? Maybe it is almost your amulet.

Not only something everyday everytime, maybe even…

… magic, spell…

Maybe in fact you create your own spots, altars, maybe even do processions, always on the right side, never left one. Always water plants from this one… yes, t is logical, but is it only the logic?


Humans often call others weirdos.

But to be honest, why for so many it is a bad thing to be different. Put together. With sharp edges, or melted ones? Why it is not okay to not be ready to suit in those frames given us by this so called society?


We hear so much about unique, and how cool it is, and still we do not see it in us. In over everytime and everyday. Maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe it would be too much even? Maybe… or a must is in order?


When it comes to colors, how often you choose things only because they are in your favorite color? LOL


Refresh your mouth.

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