Soooo… I closed my shop here.

If you want to buy my art you got to go to Facebook, and check what is available. No worries, payment as always via paypal. Prices include shipping.

Easy peasy.

When it comes to prints you can get my merch via Teespring shop or just buy a print of my photos presented on Facebook or Facebook IBornholm, or Instagram and InstagramBear for 150DKK, and print it as you want it. Again, payment via paypal and I will send you full sized photo on your email. Why no prints for sale? Because shipping them from Danmark is a killer for every virtual shop, every artist, really…

Also printing them here would…

I mean they would be freaking expensive!


I am in this arty farty world since I was a kid but to be honest, started it over 12 years ago and… I think I failed. Mostly because I am lousy and I struggle to get cash for my art or magic.


I am a looser.

Time to say it, accept it… and… fuuuck… What to do?

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