I mean…


To be honest. What do you do now? Look for news about the virus or maybe just staying home and not caring.

Not caring in healthy meaning of not watching every news, TV channels, etc. Because, to be honest… it is a strong anxiety hazard.

Very strong.

Or maybe you just hide, or scream missing your friends?

Or maybe you found something new… yourself? Because it can happen. Really. Finding yourself, maybe again maybe for the first time?

Maybe for the first time you are getting to know you? And deciding, shit, that bitch is really cool. It can do this and that, has knowledge, skills and ideas… and I like her. Maybe even love her… or him, or whatever.

I got to say it these days, right?

Or one of us… because to be honest, I have 3 personalities inside of me.


Not so much to be honest, but works. Somehow… I can be so much fun for myself. I make myself laugh and cry.


But, as an introvert, I think it is in my blood, DNA or whatever…

Or maybe because of my childhood when I had only myself, I taught me to be like this.

Or maybe… I just sat once and figured out, that I am so fucking cool? LOL Of course not. I think I suck. I am never happy and my self esteem is not existing. Nope… not at all. It is not even low… it does not exist.

Niente, nada!

But hey, everyone gets problems, right? No idea if it is a problem, but still, even without that self esteem I think loosing myself would kill me.

Soooo… if you are bored, search deeply. Maybe there is someone cool so close to you. So close you need no self isolation.

And it is you!

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