Malmö sounds…

I got no idea how I never noticed that.

Maybe because during a day it for sure looks just too industrial for my eye? And when the night hits, this light makes it a bit…

LOTR vibes.

In front of you, ladies and gentleman and… here, let me present, an amazing, modern, Carillon bell tower… “Traditional carillon of 48 bells. Pitch of heaviest bell is G in the middle octave. The whole instrument was installed in 1971 with bells made by Petit & Fritsen.” On Jaernhardte Stift.

It would be awesome to hear them once…

Although, imagine walking inside…

… and walking and walking… I mean great butt exercise. Though, I would get dizzy because I am scared of heights!!!

And that glass around.

Totally not for me.

But the view must be awesome.

Feeling like a princess in a glass tower too…

Maybe one day I will do it… go up, touch them and then run away quickly? Or maybe one day I will hear them?


For sure I will come back to this city, because it hides so much, and from a first sight looks dull… Have you ever hear carillon bells? Or maybe you can play on them? I know them only from that awesome comedy… French one… “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”. If you need a laugh, not a romantic story, though there is some love… watch it. It is smart, sweet and bitter but to be honest… mostly so true.

So human like.

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