Traveling by night


I must say it.

I love to travel by night. Because the lights are so alive then. And of course I am a passenger.

Come on!

I need to hold my camera… but not only.

Not only hold but also be careful to… not drop it. LOL

And not to make my cute driver mad.

This is very important.

But when you remember it all, you can see the lights having fun.

Oh yes, this darkness is a perfect canvas for them

To show off.

To have fun.

To be alive!

Fully and truly.

And yes, of course I remove a tone of photos to find those who I wanted as they look like, but do they really?

Because sometimes they can be so surprising even for me.

Because a human eye, tired one, who was waken up at 4 a.m. is tricky… sees not everything or too much sometimes.

Really… t.b.c.

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