Walk with me

Come on, we will go for a walk.

You know, that simple stuff most of us can do. But somehow now it must be called a fashion to forced people to go out and…

Only walk.

And look at trees and touch them.

Look how diverse they are.

How cool, fancy and inspiring.

And in fact…

How our different personalities can see everything different.

Notice different things, pieces, bits and bobs.

Look at this path…

Maybe once upon a time there was a snake…

Who crawled here and left this serpent like path.

For the future.

As a memory… of a happy, long life.

Life which took part before this planet even thought about human?


Maybe before those times were those filled with simple magic and gods walking, being closer and… yeah, we are in the woods. Can you smell them? Can you hear them? Can you really?

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