Do we need artists? 2

I mean really.

Do you remember that part of “I am Robot” when Sunny asks Will Smith if he can draw, make masterpieces if he, robot, can?

So… are we still able to show off… our human powers?

I do not know.

I do not know even if thinking about it is something we should be bothered.

Or maybe…

I am wrong?

And we should fight…

Or understand that robots, machines are made by humans?

What we put in this we will get from them.

Well… still, I get those weird feelings when I see people mastering robots. Too much “Terminator” maybe?


But luckily my woods are still natural, no weird, metallic parts included.

Or maybe everything is only an illusion?

A dream of a giant who will soon wake up?

And yes, I know I keep talking about it, but… I bought new canvas, got my ideas and doubts and… I do not know how this everything around me works now.


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