It is easy

To be honest… it is easy to take a good photo nowadays. It is easy to even take a perfect one, amazing one, breathtaking… one. Yes, it is easy…

Even with your phone.

Some of them have great cameras, I heard, still have none.

But… it is also easy to be bored and see nothing.

But is it easy to still be yourself? Or are you copying someone?

This was always something I was weird about… why the heck someone wants to create as their masters before? I mean lessons, yes, school, awesome, but to be almost the same in colors, technique etc? Why?

Is it safer?

And seeing nothing… what I noticed ages ago. People seeking inspiration, like it was not around them.


Like it was available only somewhere on Bali or in other fancy, expensive hotel and pond etc. and of course there got to be coco nut palms and…

I mean really?


Why ripples of water and sand are not an inspiration for you? Look at tiny wet stones, look at those shapes and colors, they are one and only…


Look behind everything you were taught.

Look further…

Or stop and do not look at all.

Let it come to you.

Perfections are everywhere and imperfections are fun!

You can make art of everything everywhere.

If you be you… you, who prefers to be alone for example, maybe quiet, with earphones, not talking, just smelling, touching almost the air… just being… no labels, nothing what is recognizable for the rest.

A mystery… one and only you.

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