Different lights

Light. Its natural creations…

Just light.

Lovely wintery time… okay, it was almost winter, very late autumn, no snow, no cold… yeah, times changed.


But I stopped, pissed, that there was no light, no proper photos, no…

And then, I saw this…

Some ice in the air, old buildings, a hill…

So perfect, so natural, such a great view from here, sea behind me, rocks and soil under my boots… I came back muddy up to my nose!


I fall! LOL

But all because I noticed those!


Nope, no chem-trails, just ice in the air.

And sun…

And water… and the hill, and calm weather for a second.

Because all we have recently is wind, wind and wind…

And more wind.

Seeing it made me, maybe not happy, but at least cold enough to be glad, I can come back to a warm home. Still not painted walls… still naked home, but finally my home. Real. Dream which became the truth.

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