Weird things?

I think beauty does not just exist.

It is everywhere. To be honest.

In old machines, in young ones, in the sand, building, dirt…


Not only in polished perfect surfaces and views. It is so boring then…

Look at those muddy tires. So colorful!!!

Or this thing… looking like a sleepy, although very modern, dragon.

Can you see it… there is a story in everything and beauty is just a way of looking at things, places… but what about humans?

Do not know, not my subject.

Here are the leaves and light…

So warm, so cozy.

Or the road. Something so simple… can you see the beauty of straight lines… or I can not say straight because it is not politically correct?

Who cares… I am a pure political incorrectness.

… LOL hi!

Just because.

None will make me claim something is beautiful only because it is more expensive… to be honest, done some research with all those bags, which woman have or desire to buy… geeeeeeeeeeez… most of them are so ugly.

Or looking like my grandma’s bags!

Come on… yuck.

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