The Place

I sometimes just call it the Place.

The One…

It does not mean I have only this one for special occasions, but to be honest…

This is the one very important.



Untouched, although slowly disappearing. Sadly…

The place where standing stones are still somehow free. Where they are still wild.

And where trees fall, stones fall down…

From one side, I cry… from the other… maybe this is how this world ends.

Because this what I feel since end of October is…

Too much and nothing.

Like the veils were not open but more like… not existing.

Was reading that many people feel bit similar, so maybe there is something. Since the beginning of this year we had more fires than in the last few years.

Maybe people really do not care, do not feel more than fake aromas from bottles?


Souls also are gone.

Do I still have hope? Never had it. Always failed me. I have only the knowledge no faith either… But when this place disappear… well, I will also.

For sure.

PS. Photos were take with Canon Creative Shot, no Photoshop.

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