How dare you?

How dare you not to have a microwave!

I dare!


How dare you not to watch TV?

Well… same, look up… Yes I dare also not to have TV.

Funny me, right?

No clock, no phone, no…

I used to reset my mind with stupid news, but not doing it anymore… I prefer seagulls and crows. I prefer working, creating, even washing the dishes than new, famous movie… sorry, recently found none which was worth watching.

But books… oh yes, feed me with books!!!

I will go to the beach, and watch them pooping… still better than Twitter.

The problem is… I have few friends on Facebook…

Only ones…

But… still, the woods win with them. I will go for hours between stones, trees, rocks and whispers than… social media.

It is so boring.

Or, just will take care of my own life… you know… cleaning up the windows, loving, writing, creating new thesis… because knowledge, science is my passion, reading, discovering, learning… Yeah, I suck when it comes to this… so called, modern knowledge. Even had no idea that some wife was not white…

Or maybe just not white enough? Who cares? Why I should care? Why do you care about stupid reality shows? Don’t you have enough pain in your life?


I dare to live without lives from the world which does not care about me. Without staged news etc. I dare… Dare you?

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