Alone or lonely… there is a huge difference in those words.

There are people who just need people.

And there is me.

Me having fun with myself.

I mean really, and not THAT! Come on, why people always think about it?


But truly… myself, my imagination, my personalities… we all have fun together. And yes, I do remember that as a kid I was scalded for it.

For not needing people to have fun.

For not understanding that others do not get it, that I am okay with being me and I am my biggest fan! LOL And also very strong critic.


So on a beach I am the heroin, daughter of seagulls, or just a human lost between sandy crystals.

Because I can…

I figured it out that people need people when I heard my brother asking someone to play with him… I was a teen those days.

That was late, right?

Or maybe…


Because I do see the world differently, Freud and Jung could tell ya!

Too much, for sure.

Life is for me too complicated, by my personality, which is complicated for the most of people, for me is so simple.

Maybe rich… still, can not buy anything with it.

Or maybe?

I can?

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