It was a morning.

Usually I truly hunt those from November, but 2019 was really poor in colors, dawns and all that jazz.

This one was the only one I captured.

And trust me I tried many times.

And then that morning had happened… and it was violet… purple, so soft that you just wanted a spoon and eat it.

So magical.

So I grabbed my camera, came back for batteries and then one more time, when I figured put that my underwear may be not a perfect wear to be in when it is November and windy and cold… coldish?

And I was ready.

To run, and then…

To just sit in one place and wait and look for and indulge that softness…

Oh my, maybe it was paste like, still…

Still breathtaking, changing every second.

Not being one for a longer time.

And birds, and low level of the sea and only me on this beach except birds, ghosts and maybe few fairies.

Those sexy ones.

Look at this amazing purpleness.

And red, pink seaweeds.

And… I mean, I know how it works, still, how is it possible.

Those shades, colors, shapes…

Calmness which makes you do not wanna move.


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