The ancestors

Let us all forget about archeology for a moment…

Only for a moment, because I can not live without archeology…

You know. The old stuff.


Okay, I am old too.

But imagine older. About Bronze age… imagine them here mourning. Little mushroom keeping them safe. The last protector… small, but to be honest, can you be sure anything here? That something exists…

And other stuff is only a mist in your head?

Between those tall pines, here is the offering for the Forgotten Ones. For Those Who Whisper… for those… who for me are still present.

Okay, and those who had such sense of humor to create such… bit inappropriate mushroom. I mean okay, it is nature, I mean… but he looks like… Oh my, you do know how it looks like!!!


OMMI so funny… because, the past had to be funny too.

Somehow we, who live now try to make them sad and so adult like.

And… oh yes, this part of Almindingen is amazing, still…

People like to destroy it.

Too much, too often.

And cut… it always makes me cry… always.

And yes, I am aware that people need the wood, but to be honest… really, from here, where one person fought for them so much. We can not cut… we need to plant more, of course not in a crazy way, with brains on.

Everything with thinking.

Let us those who grow grow… and add different types, learn from nature, it is helpful, it is for you… and the whispers, the Ancestors, are here too.

Ready for your questions.

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