Autumnal surprise

Oh my, yes, it was an amazing surprise.

Not only those magical mushrooms… not only red head peeking from the grassy, mossy underworld…

But also, the rest.

Somehow I again was able to come back to this place.

One of the oldest spots, of course known, where still are they…

The ancestors.

And trees.

Okay, maybe the toadstools were a bit overdone but still worked!

Trust me…

I was flying!!!

So high.

Nope, still alive.

Come on… not like them… although, when I think about them, about those whispers and plants, trees so tall… maybe they are alive and I…

I just am.

Here though truly am…

Walking, breathing, finally being one with myself and universe… or whatever it is called. Or however it is defined.

And then… t.b.c.

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