New year?

New Year…

As I hate New Year’s Eve… do not know why… maybe because I do not party. Part for me is walking, working and creating new thesis, theories, overthinking…

Yup, I am that boring person.

But also I hate fireworks.


See… we have soldiers here often with those huge boats, cars and noises… noises which I know too well.

Which make my anxiety run above the spheres…

Sooo… well… Do I have some resolutions. Expectations? Nope. It in fact does not matter for me that it is 2020.

Not at all.

It is only a number in a calendar which sucks totally.

I mean no offense, but there are mistakes, major ones!!! But still, people are so obsessed with it.


Why does it matter to you all? Like you all were suddenly pagan, believing in magic, and forcing this new time, new date to change your life.

Just do it by yourself.

Kick your own butt!!!

Or ask someone to do it… I bet there are cool Dominas which will gladly kick you… although they are expensive. Come to me, I will not do it for free, no way, but cheaper for sure. I mean really!!! Even will prepare my boots!

And no fun for you, no way.

Only pain. LOL

Still.. Happy 2020, maybe this year will make as all smarter? Who knows? Who the heck am I kidding, right. LOL

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