The abstractions

When it comes to abstracts, the sea rocks it.

I mean really.

Have you ever just sit by the sea, in a harbor, or where the faces of the land and cottages reflect… and watched it. Bit wavy or calm. Maybe with some seaweeds or so clear that resembling a two side mirror.

Okay, fields can sometimes do it too… but still.

The sea rocks it.

It looks like a painting. I mean really. A perfect painting. One and only. Worth millions dreams and million thoughts.

Or maybe even more?

So… why to paint them?


Maybe because we also wanna reflect ourselves there? Deepest hidden shades and shapes? Memories and ideas, dreams and thoughts…

This is why I love them.

For the rest I can take photos.

And sometimes…

I take them and I know…

I will never be as good and true as nature.


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