Grass me!

Soooo… there is this moment.

And when I say “moment”, I really mean it.

It is such a short part of time, autumn, that you may miss it.

If you are by the sea.

By a magical sea like Baltic Sea.

Or maybe it my island which make them so special?

So colorful… for a moment.

Short one.

And of course you got to have light and waves and this blueness and…

Still not so cold weather.

To not freeze off your butt, you know…

Important thing, or tip even.

Dress up accordingly. LOL

But this grass, and the colors. Redness, green and parts of brown…

It is a moment and they are gone.

Like… shaved by waves and winds.

Grass which is okay with salty water and rocks.

In fact.. they loving it.

Only it… because closer to the ground it changes… again.

That part of the sea touching the land but not being in fact a part of both… neither the sea nor the land… maybe this is what makes them so special.

And short living too.

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