Come on!

Tell me how it happened?

November? Are you kidding me? It was just 2018 and I felt so bad… and every month after vacation was pain…

Beginning of 2019 was also not good at all. Try to feel something, have those feelings, dreams, know that something BIG will happen…

But you are still yourself… I mean me, me not believing in myself. Me without self-confidence.

And now… I have a home… The Home. Awesome and cute. Of course there is a lot of work in front of us, but no rush, painting can wait!

It can, right?

But… I am still scared. Depression is a wild horse and happily dances around with anxiety, sooo… for sure I look like I am not grateful.

This is not true.

I am just… scared to be grateful.

Scared to be happy.

Have I ever been?

I do not remember this. Maybe as a kid…

Oh… but I wanted to tell you something about the autumnal sea… amazing, warm – in colors – sea… with breathtaking reflections and grass and seaweeds…


Suddenly I figured out it is already fucking November!!!

Who stole my 2019!!!?

I mean really.

Come on.

Be brave enough and let me smash you!!!

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