Hidden treasure 2

And I walked and walked…

And if not those other humans I could really feel like in another dimension.

Much better. Calmer.


Where magic is something normal and used by anyone.

Where nature decided, that it can not be only bricks and stones…

Where everything looks so cute, that you start to believe…

In yourself…

Where maybe is even one or two princesses hidden in their tower?


Who knows?

I could do for a princess in a tower! I do not fancy the world and humans, a dragon could be my whole life! LOL

But there… oh no, I see it… the different light.

I look back, but everything started to disappear.

And nowadays came and hit my face.

Almost literally.

So I looked up, and got it… I can be back..

I can, or maybe…

I can just choose another entry.

PS. Yes, of course you can easily Google this amazing street. But what for? Let your imagination fly, blow out, bloom, or whatever! Create your own vision! Because why not? Why to stick with this what is already written?

Write, paint, create…

Or just walk. It also works this way. LOL

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