I used to be this person with many notebooks, pens and pencils… and now I am the one loosing ideas.

And you know what?

I am okay with it.

Suddenly… people would say it is JUST depression, and I do agree, but it is not only that.


I used to be so unsure, so crazy scared when ideas just were disappearing.

When I was forgetting them even if written down.

And now…

Maybe because I moved and lost a lot… maybe because of this… On the side note, why I did not buy this mug? Oh, I know, no cash!

Or… maybe I do not know, maybe it is that season of life when I finally learn how to fuck it all?

And it is not good.

Not caring. About myself. About things even, life… oh my, this is so sad, so here is an amazing moose shape. One of my fav ever!

He is so cute and chubby!!!

I mean… souvenirs… Do you buy them? If so, what kind? Do you prefer something really authentic, or you like me, send cards and get crazy about magnets and in fact… okay moose and bears. Oh come on… reindeer too…

… yeah, boring me.

Or colorful facades?

Look at this one. Small place surrounded by amazing building. Yes, we are still in Sweden, just because… am I caring? For myself?

Nope… oh shit. I am again in a dark hole. Deepest one ever.

No worries, next post will be more arty, I will pretend as always, that I am happier than I am… because. Just because.

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