More Malmö 2

There is something in rediscovering places…

You know how it is.

You go somewhere for a day, week, few… and think you know this place.

Saw everything.

You do not have to come back.


In some places you feel better, so you come back for this feeling.

Or… maybe it is different. Maybe sometimes we give one more chance to a place which… from one side did not look so interesting.

And then you had spare time and suddenly… you look differently.

More up, more down.

Better weather maybe?

Or again you had to pee and you know that toilet is exactly next to a parking for bikes. LOL Oh come on! How many places you have discovered because you were looking for a toilet? Come on!

Especially if you are a female.


And after… you know, you find that toilet you start to notice all this architecture.

Not that you did not see it before, only now… you feel lighter. And a bit more not ubsorbed by your own body. LOL

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