Walk with me

Come on.

Just walk.

I will show you an amazing world. Really amazing. Okay, it started raining, pouring even, but it is still warm, okay…

Maybe not so, being wet is bit not comfortable, and suddenly it went cold… okay, bit too cold maybe…

But trust me it will change, for now we will be okay. We will go into a magical woodland. With a pond which gives birth to waterlilies.

Because how differently can you say it.

With this womb shape, standing stones around…

It is just a pure magic.

And it started pouring again, and my camera is not waterproof…

Am I?

Oh well, who cares, I want photos!!!

I am getting wet, how are you? Hiding under those trees, I can see you!

Come to me, rain is not a harmless evil being, it is just… rain… it makes lovely jewels on those flowers which look sooo…

Like from another world.

Amazing flowers, come on, stay here with me… it is warm, although for a moment I could swear, that weird cold breeze… were those souls being attached to the flowers, or in fact we inhaled them?

Boooh! LOL

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