Is art for artists?

Yeah, sooo…

Is art for artists? I am aware it may sound bit weird, but… as an artist, but also a person who loves art itself as a medium of showing soul, inside, thoughts, mind, way of thinking, personality etc.

Well, I love it.

But I am also too scared that I will be overwhelmed, and will loose my light, wings, magic or however you can call.

I want to be me. Not…

Okay, be inspired, I get it, but paint the way someone else did… well, it is not for me. I wanna be unique.

So much!!!

And to be honest… I have no rush in me to meet other artists, because sometimes… they are much different than their art. But sometimes, they make art worth buying. I do not know how this phenomena works for me, but this is how it is. I have met so many amazing artists, and have so many of their pieces – mostly not bought but we just exchanged them… you know, poor artists…

But also met those, which were painfully evil.

So proud and close minded, god complex included… that their art, which until that moment was for me interesting, is now nothing.

I do not get it how my mind works.

But for sure for me it is so much better to not know the authors of books I love. I mean really. Or maybe we should divide art from the creator?

But how?

It is crazy.

Maybe we only should just see art… but artists need food and their pieces to be sold, sooo… why it has to be so complicated? Something coming from the mighty inside? How to price dreams, thoughts…


And judging?

Is it even in place? I mean really? How and why humans need to judge everything and everyone? You can say how this washing machine worked for you, but art? You can like or dislike, buy or not, feel or not… but…


Photos you see come from a gallery which is open all year round, which has inside an amazing soul. Which is a shop and a studio, artist’s creation cave. Amazing… you can also find here stunning piece of ceramic.

And yes, I got some.


Also send cards with his paintings around the world. Just because…

If you want to smell it, really touch it and buy it, come to my island. And to Gudhjem, of course.

Come for colors.

For some kind of… truth…

Really. And it is also a lovely old, red home. I mean stunning!!!

Some info about this place and artists here.

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