Art in the city

Okay, not so city in fact.

More like fishermen village?

To be honest, this is what i have in my papers. Gudhjem – fiskerleje.

But here we have the biggest amount of artists, mostly painters, for a square meter.


This how it goes. You come here because of this magical, very strong, mythical almost… light. And colors…

And feelings.

And whispers… I must admit I am not a fan of words and sentences on the paintings but recently there is some kind of trend in art to add them in different ways. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes… it reminds me of very old paintings which, if treated with right liquid, were uncovering mysterious words…

But look at those.

So amazing.

First what you see are colors or shapes?

People or buildings?

Would you buy such card?

I mean really?

This place, by the main road in Gudhjem (Brøddegade 22) is a gallery which combines few artists, so… if you step here, come in. SIMON KOEFOED, HANNE STØVRING, CHIMI CHANGA and SUSANNE SØLLUND may be inside.

Art does not bite…

Usually. Here is the link.

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