Around this time I feel forced to like them, to use them, eat them, even somehow worship them. Why? How did it happen? I hate the taste, tried to like them, to have my own opinion, tried to have fun with carving…

… nope…

… no fun, hurt fingers…

And to be honest, orange is not my color. Yes, I am aware that Cucurbita L. comes in so many shapes, and I love seeds… so tasty, but the rest.


I prefer Cucurbita pepo convar. giromontiina Greb. Much better, taster. Not so weirdly sweet or mild. Not so… uneven. When it comes to food of course, but to put them outside. Erm… nope, I will not have them. Even with my new home, nope. I have a wreath on my doors, because I always have one. But pumpkins…


Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving dinners mean pumpkin pie, but… I live in Middle Europe. I live here, was born here. I never had USA’s Halloween, in fact… I do not like it at all. Of course design and skeletons are fun, but to be honest, walking around and asking for candies is for someone like me…

… weird.

Or rude even.

I am so surprised how people of USA do not get it that the world is not the same everywhere, like where they live. I am so surprised how many of them are closed minded or know only one language. And they know nothing about Europe. To be honest they are not interested or find Finnish – for example – customs weird. You should see what people in Poland can do… could make you blind forever. Or us here swimming naked. And nobody cares about it… Seeing nothing wrong in this what they were raised. And yes, it is a regular humanity, but it is also humanity which has fucking internet?!!! Why they do not feel this need to educate?

I mean really?

Why a lot of people, I do not wanna say all because I know smart asses too! LOL – so why a lot of you think the world is like you know it. That the world should know everything about USA, Starbucks, McDonald’s… etc. Yes, I do not have TV. Yes, I have a garden and know how things grow. Yes, I walk – I remember that day when I said it to someone from Texas and he was so shocked.

We all should embrace our differences, also customs!

And we should learn about them and not only take this what corporations give us… or maybe we should invent something new? Why not? Humans before us done it! Come on, move your asses!!! Read more, educate yourself, dig out information. Don’t only share stupid quotes.

We can do it!!!

Why people force me to like it…

Why can’t you all accept it: I hate them, although they make great models for my photos LOL And nope, I will not have a Thanksgiving dinner. Because it is not my thing. Not my world. Not my… erm, religion, custom, etc.

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