Rope, the boat and…

I fall in love with weird things.

And always want to take them home.

But with some pieces of the world surrounding me… I can not.

And… it makes me sad, so I take million photos of the rope, boat and sea… and seaweeds and of course that stone bridge like thing?

I can not take them home, right? For sure they belong to someone so it would be a theft, but… a photo…

They are so pretty and blue.

Yes, I love blue, you know that very well. LOL

Maybe obsessed even… but only maybe!

But even if not blue, those sea things… being born in depth of the darkness, deepest, wettest area of this planet…

Oh my, just look. Those colors, shapes, this blueness of the rock with lichen and of course the calmness of the water.


To finally leave this place and sail away into unknown.

Into the places even dragons don’t know well.


And what about you?

Are you ready for a new journey?

I am… I think I am… maybe I am.

Oh come on.

You can always stay home and dream. LOL It is also a traveling, for free, and you will not catch some weird bug. For sure.

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