Lund in spring 11

It is like… you walk, you see the cathedral, all those monumental buildings, then you see new ones…

Bit boring, and then…

Everything changes again.

It never ends.

This city is full of surprises.

I mean really.

Maybe some of them are more hidden, but some…

Are screaming at you.

Look at this pure, clean cuteness.

Or this tiny paradise area.

Or… oh well, still this redness is a bomb.

And the again…

Into the city, circling around…


I am looking for one of the best shops ever!

Maybe tiny, maybe hidden…

But truly the cutest. With the best Swedish stuff!!!

I mean really.

Come on… it is here…


Found it again, and it is open.

And the Lady inside is the nicer seller you ever met.


One thing… have cash with you!!!

This is very important, but if not, no worries ATM is very close!

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