Lund in spring 6

A lot of guides recommend strongly meeting the locals…

We tried… ducks very bit not into it, but hey, they are ducks, they can do what they want… to be honest, people in Lund seem to be really amazing. Although we met only few of them, still, especially the lady in a cutest shop ever is truly an angel.

But today, when in fact I should be finishing moving and starting tiding up the old home, which seems to look really… dead. I mean really, like someone took soul out of him, and… I am scared of it now.

First was he.

Oh I bet they prank you often, poor one.

But here they are… oh I wanted see them so badly.

Sorry for my lazinest. I will redo this post later… here is the link

Of course they were brought here…

Of course it is a form of a museum…

But still…

Isn’t art of runes amazing?

And the view they have?

Truly amazing.

Magical, although also jut a language.

Never boring.


Staying here, standing here… is somehow… not just historic…

It is like a portal to Viking era.


Very yummy…

Now I am hungry.

Hungry for coming there back!!! Please!!!

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