Lund in spring 5

It was so magical.

Maybe because of this all knowledge around? Or books?


Maybe because of people or old buildings dealing easily with this all new shit.

Very easily.

Or because it was spring…

People were in love, flowers blooming… sun shining.  But still not too hot.

And of course the green was being reborn.

Yellow and green… and the blue sky and birds who were drinking…

A lot…

Or were just…


I mean really naughty LOL

Oh my, this place has this SOMETHING… and has a lot of it.


Oh yes… they were taking a bath too.

Naked!!! LOL

All those sounds of birds, quiet conversations, flowers… was so calming.

And water…

And of course art!

Because it is always about art. An image, a person, Viking… emerges from the stones, looking around… he can not see you. Yet. Lundagård… middle of the city and what? Manpower? Or maybe as some people say: “Carbonite-frozen student (Arenamontanus)“? Or “I want to break free”? In fact it is Mannen som bryter sig ur klippan, created by Axel Ebbe in 1918.

This sculpture is created from a piece of granite and in fact is something what author reconstructed from his previous work called “Fragment”. This piece was in fact a gift from the city to University in 1918. Professor Carl Georg Björling called it: “exploring of a human thought which tries to blurt out from mater”. Others said it is a student trying to came out from darkness of ignorance.

So perfect for those days we have now. Well, this piece in fact is fun for students here. Parodies grow bigger than those daffodilles. The most famous one was created by Oscar Antonsson in 1946 r. Well…

Students need fun too.

Although I preferred less fun more work. LOL

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