Havängsdösen is a shock… it is like running away from the woods full of mines, soldiers etc… yes, we got lost trying to find the correct road and ended on a polygon, soo… not fun, but. Then we got there and…


How did it get here?

I mean okay, the whole story is like a treasure which wanted to be admired so showed off one stormy night.

Imagine this.

You live nearby… you walk after this storm, gather gifts from the sea and suddenly see those stones. Instead of a hill…

White stones, beautiful majestic!!!

Old. Waiting for you. Like an army of the past stories, legends, myths and… someone…

Yes, all stones are old, but you know what I mean.

Here you can read everything, but the truth is…

Being there is breathtaking. It is an amazing, long beach, and when we were there it was so crazy windy… so it was really breathtaking.

Literally!!! LOL

It had to be such a work of art. Still is, but then, imagine it then…

And see now… appreciate.

Ask for stories.


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