Råkefuret gravfält 2

It is not majestic for most of you.

You may even not notice it…

And maybe it is okay?

Not everyone got to be so into the past…

I am.

Because past is us now. We haven’t changed, our toys did.

And this area… I mean, the sea is just behind those trees… sand under my feet…

Everything so calm.

It must look amazing during summer.


But those stones…

Come, visit them. They are the art of the past. The art of passing away, believing in something behind the veils existed…

They scream: humanity!

Or are just pretty stones, in which you can see so many shapes.

Or just come here for nature.

It is stunning and different… it is waiting for you, to be noticed, maybe even named! Because we forgotten so many gifts of nature. We forgotten that weeds and herbs are in fact still the same.

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