Simris runes

Simris is… a place in Sweden.

Yes, we are still here. A place close to Simrishamn. A village? City? Settlement… okay, village is the best word to describe a place which sleeps.

I mean really.

A road, some homes, church and two amazing stones not holy enough to be included in a holy ground.

Notice that!

Or maybe it was them deciding… we do not want your prayers.

We are here! Much more important?

Okay, the truth is that both stones were found in a wall surrounding cemetery, and then they were moved… (DR 344 i DR 345)

They are both about 1,5 meters tall and… well, refreshed! I mean they were reconstructed a bit, painted, so everyone can see what is written here.

Not everyone can read though…

There is something in runes.

For sure they are an alphabet, but also there is so much art in composing them, so many metaphors, legends, you can almost touch Nordic gods through them.

You can… if you are brave enough.

You go back into early XVIII century, when they were found… and then suddenly into the much deeper past.

They are both from XI century… I mean… Okay, I am working with pieces which are much older, but still, for many of you this is ancient, right?

Still… you think about those runes, magic and spells… and then…

You read what is written there and…

Well, magic disappears. And only a human being stays. A memory of someone who put this stone for someone important for him.

They are like those graves, megaliths. They are a show off. Shout off! They are… okay, a bit like people showing off with all those fancy boots or bags, because for sure not everyone could afford something like this, so people who paid for creating them, were wealthy. On a top of a cash/social pyramid…

And also…

… they are just stones. Stones which are still found in many places because with new technologies we are able to see through them…

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