Tågarpsdösen was not on my list.

Somehow I missed it!

No idea how… by riding by the empty still fields, I also somehow heard it.

Whispering to me…

Even before I saw it.

Oh my, this one is amazing.

And remember I was still dizzy after the ferry, still cold, still grim weather, but this megalith is goals.

I keep repeating this: think about people who created this. They wanted to make it a mark. They wanted it to be seen.

They wanted to remember?

Or maybe used the grave as a road mark?

Can we really say… I mean, why we do it today? Why we worship, remember those who passed away? Because of love? Connections, blood?

Or maybe… you wanna just show off your rich plate on a cemetery in a small community? Yes, I also research this now. I am still stuck to symbolism so strongly, that I do not think like a semi “normal human being”.

I know… not bad, right? LOL

But let us look at this beauty. Balancing… at this masterpiece!

12 on 1,5 meters. You could say not much… but I am 1,5!

Come on!!!

For me it is amazing, the passage, the chamber… 8 on 3,7 and 1,4 meters high. Yes, you can crawl inside. Nope, did not try it, come on.


12 stones, 3 slabs…

It was excavated by professor Märta Strömberg and she dated it for Middle Neolithic. And it rocks me so much.

Because… just look. Imagine the emptiness… imagine the sea in far away, or maybe closer those days…

Imagine, and look at it now.

At those colors.

Did they have meaning, special one?

And in fact… why to do it? Were they coming back here often? We need more research in this subject, but still, it is something tickling me strongly.

I mean gigantically!

Monumentally even!

Such a beauty.

I know, for many of you it is just a pile of stones. For me, it is art. The art of marking something unspoken. Something still not understood.

Something mystical.

Cherishing… or maybe only showing off? LOL They were humans like us. Only tools and toys changed! And maybe will. They had more passion and strength. For sure. They wanted to do something… Were they lazy sometimes?

For sure!!! But it could easily cost them life.

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