I hate leaving my Island even for a one fun adventure.

I really do.

I miss her already and she looks so cute even with those salty ferry windows parting us,

I mean divine.

And this sky…

Oh my!

I know people live in different places, surroundings… but it hits me so often, how they reall hate them. Those homes, apartments, cities, villages… But still, they are to lazy to even think, that maybe there is a place waiting for them.

I know it is not easy.

I know it can be scary,,,

I know it.

Done this, been there although… nope, I was not scared. I was scared that I will have to stay in this big city. Of course a lot of things was easier there, but still… it was not my place. Or maybe was only for a moment of my life?

A rather long one…

Now… this is my home.

… salty one.

It is not easy to live here, although the views are fairy-tale like. Stunning. Amazing. Breathtaking. And the sounds, wilderness… but it is not a paradise. It is a normal living, with better views and feeling, that this is home.

And this feeling is precious.

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