Ystad in spring

I do not like cities.

Somehow they scare me, still… there are three – not on my island – which are weirdly friendly to me, and if so…

I would run away there…

Of course by boat, I mean ferry. Come one, still can not walk on water. LOL

One of them is Ystad. A small, cute, old place in Sweden. Southern Sweden. The one with a huge harbor.

Yeah… this one.

Especially it rocks around… well, all year round. I mean really.

Because still, it is a normal place where people live. And of course many ferries and boats come so…

That weird normality strikes strongly, but also… it is a perfect city for tourists to just sink in. Into the old city, and new buildings which are almost perfectly melted together. With those glassy pieces, colors…

And all those tiny details.

Really tiny.

Okay, those flowers really got me, but I am not talking about Ystad for a first time, right… nope for sure.

And I so wanna come back there… maybe now? Come on! All Gods of cash!!! Let me into your arms! Or pockets? LOL


Okay, yes, I have it on my island, all those tiny homes, colors, architecture… and maybe this is why I so like Ystad?


Or maybe because of that fountain, and architecture, and something sea like in the air. And this nature so close and the train painted in Milka colors!!! Really! I mean like a chocolate sliding on a platform!!!

You wanna unwrap those carriages.

Or even… lick them. LOL

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