The Fire

I mean…

I love fire.

I always need a candle burning, need this flame close…

And a bonfire… Oh my, especially when it is cold or when it is warm or… yeah, I love fire always.

But this one. This is a story of mythical creatures fighting for a last piece of my Grandmother’s cheesecake.

For sure.

That cheesecake, all her cakes were to die for. Simple, but…

Oh come on!

If you tried you would say so!


But look… Look at this anger. That hunger!

I mean…

Those open mouths of so many heads!

Or one wolf head?

Maybe the one who swollen the sun…

Maybe the one who were planning to do so?

Or maybe the one who just decided… he will pass.

The fire.

I am not a fan of Sct. Hans, but the fire…

How it changes, how it lives.

It is just hypnotizing.

Until the time… when waters win…

And the blue strikes back.

And everything ends.

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