How to be an artist?


Welcome to a post where I will not tell you how to be an artists.

Yup, this is how weird I am. Or how I learned how to use a click-bait… there is such thing, right? Especially on those YouTube videos.

You know.

Those where they just do their make up.

Sooo… here I will not tell you how to be an artists. PS. This daffodil, both of them, all of them truly are!

But this is nature.

Here everything is arty farty.

But when it comes to humans… if we create, we are artists. Somehow. But for me it is a HUGE word. One of those like LOVE and FRIEND which I do not treat lightly. Which should not be treated like this.

Living in a city where almost everyone is one… paints, sculptures, takes photos, writes… it is for sure something boring. I mean really. If everyone is so interesting, you plain are the one who pops!

Trust me…

Still… how do we see an artist of the old days?

Usually dressed weirdly. Hats and scarfs were a must. Nowadays labels are one. For sure with painted hands, I mean paint is not dirt, it is art and pigment in the old days was tough. I mean so strong… and brushes, and canvases… always watching and not in fact seeing this what the rest of the world saw…

That how it was.

Artists used to be interesting, mostly hurt, people. With ideas. Usually, okay almost always, poor. Yup. Nowadays it is different. An artists is a rich Instagramer… and am I mad at it? Yes. You know why? Because for me they are categories, not the units. And most of them is “inspired” by others… paid by huge companies.

Do I wanna be one of them.

Hell ya, why not. Being a poor artist – although I do not like to call myself this way. I just see the world differently, I just am, and am not… sucks.


Yes, you have art and fun with yourself, but… you need food, pay taxes, you need a roof and clean undies!

I need new undies!

Not only sitting on this bench and trying to catch the light, that bird, the sea…

Or watching others doings and dreaming… writing.

Yup, I need undies.

Okay, enough about undies. LOL There is “donate” button. Just FYI…

I think there is a difference between being an artist, feeling like one and looking like one. There is so much in this definition. Not only someone who creates paintings, sculptures, drawings etc.  as a hobby or maybe a profession…  I also found that it is: “a person who habitually practices a specified reprehensible activity”… well, by Merriam Webster: one who professes and practices an imaginative art, a person skilled in one of the fine arts, a skilled performer especially, one who is adept at something con artist strikeout artist, obsolete: one skilled or versed in learned arts…

Sooo… how to be an artist? Well, it is always about looking around and looking inside of yourself. Especially this second part is crucial.

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