Why not naked?

I mean really?

Okay, here on Bornholm you can swim with no clothes on. Of course not in places where a lot of people baths or kids are…

But still, you can. You can lie down with your naked butt and red those chicks.


It changes.

But still, I swim in what I want, because nope, I am not a naked person. Although it makes me so normal to see an elderly coupe just normally stepping into waves.

Yes, it is normal.

You know why? Because when you are completely naked there is nothing sexual in it. And of course you really do not have to look.

No one is waving at you…

… okay yes, those guys happen in every city for sure, but here… Nobody acts weird under a blanket or towel to change…

I do not even change.

Just put pants on my wet pants and done.

But nakedness… why the heck we are so scared of it? Yes I know, you do not go to shop or work naked. Okay, yes, it depends what kind of job you have LOL but still. Some occasions desire big dresses and suits…

But the beach?

Especially those beaches here?

Why we can not just be naked like those flowers under a blue sky?

Why I am so embarrassed?

Because I am.


I do not go commando. No way! Not happening. My boobs would work as those air balloons and there would be no swimming.

No way!!!


Even on those days when I feel good with my body, I am not before crimson tide or ate something puffing me… even when I work out, 5 days a week… I still can not. I have my reasons. As a kid I was this flower… forced to run around naked, because that was a thing. A kid could do it. But my brain developed too early, and wrong branches touched me… so even if someone saw this flower, I was not it anymore.

Innocent flower.

Perfection, still inside rotten already. Even when it is hot I wear black top and long pants. And big boots. Only this way I feel safe but on the beach, on this beach when we are in fact usually alone, I swim. Still dressed, but I swim. Scared, but I do it. Even when I am alone, I do not wanna be naked. Scared of my body. Maybe in fact this is a reason that some of us just don’t… swim naked.

Maybe when I see with a corner of my eye those elderly, naked people, I in fact see those flowers. Not old, but fresh, free, happy! Under the blue sky. In amazing, salty water. So free. So normal. Maybe I am jealous? Or more like not. I am me. And even rotten and broken, I like me. I do have problems with my body, but still…

I can’t live without me.

Even if I am not this flower…

Because to be honest, we need bodies to have fun. And this is all! They are not fucking temples. Temples got to many corners to clean up and feet which crush them. We can use our bodies and just… live…

PS. This tree blooms when it is still winter. Great metaphor. Remember I still have art for sale! Check my FB Page.

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